On Waze for Valentine’s Day Cupid arrives with his Cupidomobile

For Valentine’s Day lovers and for all romantic drivers, the navigation app Waze has made available the new active experience which, for a limited period of time, allows users to customize the app by choosing Cupid as the “Mood” and the “Cupidomobile” as the new navigation pointer. Furthermore, for users who want to fully experience the Valentine’s Day atmosphere there is the possibility to select the voice of Cupid (but it is only available in English).

Choose Cupid as “Mood” on Waze
Waze’s ‘Moods’ are used to communicate the mood to other drivers. Moods are unique, they represent a hallmark of Waze. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day it is possible to personalize your “Mood” and choose the mood by setting it as an alter ego Cupid. Doing it is very simple: bsta select “My Waze”, click on your username, open the “Moods” section and select the romantic “Mood” dedicated to Cupid.

Customize the navigation pointer with the “Cupidomobile”
In the Waze app it is possible to customize the navigation icon, now also choosing the “Cupidomobile” dedicated to Valentine’s Day as the pointer. Doing so is very simple: just press “My Waze”, open the “Settings”, select “Map view” and “Car icon”.

In the screenshot below you can see a preview of the screen in the Waze app that allows you to choose how best you prefer to customize the Valentine’s Day themed experience and be driven by Cupid’s car through the intricate streets of the city with a pinch of romance more.

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