On the occasion of the April Fool, CoopVoce doubles the gigs of this offer

CoopVocelike many other brands, has decided to take part in the April Fool but it does so by offering a real promotion that doubles the Giga of all colors who will decide to subscribe onlinerechargeable offer Evo 100 at the cost of € 8.90 per month. The offer, in fact, provides for unlimited minutes every month to national fixed and mobile phones, 1000 SMS and 100 Giga of internet traffic in 4G which, by virtue of this promo, double going to 200 without expiry limits.

How to obtain the doubling of the Giga on the CoopVoce Evo 100

The promotion is available until 3rd April on the official website of the operator and to take advantage of the doubling of the Giga it will be necessary to enter the promotional code “FISH22” in the appropriate field.

The initiative is valid for all new customers who decide to subscribe to a new rechargeable sim with the Evo 100 offer and for those who request the number portability from another national operator.

By following the activation procedure in its entirety, you will receive a confirmation message that reads: “Congratulations! Thanks to the promo code you are entitled to a free additional package of 100GB linked to your EVO100 “.

The promotion can only be activated online but it will also be possible to request the online booking of the offer itself and the collection of the SIM card at one of the Coop points of sale.

We also specify that between the two methods there are some substantial differences: with the online purchase of the rechargeable offer and consequent home delivery of the SIM it will be necessary to incur an initial cost of 9.90 euros which includes shipping costs, the cost of the SIM itself and the first month of the offer as well as activation cost.

For the online booking and collection of the SIM card at a point of sale, the costs to be incurred will be 10 euros for the SIM itself within which a residual credit of 5 € and, in addition, a minimum top-up will be required to cover the cost of the first month of the offer.

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