Nuki supports Apple Watch LTE, now the smartwatch communicates directly with Nuki devices without iPhone

The smartwatch market is growing, and more and more things can be done ‘from the wrist’. Now, the manufacturer of intelligent home access systems Nuki has announced that its products are now compatible with Apple Watches with integrated LTE mobile connectivity, thus expanding the range of devices with which the company’s various products can be managed. Austrian. From today, those who own an Apple Watch LTE can therefore check Nuki Smart Lock directly from the wrist, even without having the iPhone in the immediate vicinity, as long as the wearable is equipped with internet access.

Let’s take an example: a person who has installed a Nuki Smart Lock at home and has an Apple Watch LTE with mobile connectivity enabled can now go and run outside the house taking his Apple Watch and AirPods with him, leaving his iPhone at home and even the house keys: on his return, he will be able to open the front door via a tap on his smartwatch. Indeed, if you lock the Nuki Smart Lock with the smartwatch, you can leave the house not only without the keys, but also without a smartphone.

Before this update, you could use your Apple Watch LTE to open the lock only thanks to the Bluetooth technology linked to your smartphone, therefore with the Apple Watch connected to the iPhone: the watch communicated with the smartwatch, which communicated with the Noki lock; for this it was necessary for the wearable to be within the appropriate range to operate the Smart Lock directly from your Apple smartwatch. The bluetooth has a range of about 10 meters. Now, the connectivity integrated in Apple Watch LTE allows you to manage the Nuki Smart Lock directly, allowing you to leave your iPhone at home.

The Nuki App can be used on most smartwatches on the market: WearOS, Huawei Watch 3, Tizen, Garmin and WatchOS (Apple Watch) starting from the WatchOS 7 version. The Apple Watch series 1 and 2 (WatchOS 6 and below), instead, they are no longer supported.

It is important to remember that the Apple Watch LTE must be independently connected to the internet in order to carry out activities without being connected to the iPhone, therefore a data plan with a mobile operator is required.

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