Now this Android 12 custom GSI supports OTA updates and more

Android 12 is no longer a very fresh novelty – Android 12L is getting closer and even Android 13 is often talked about – but the OEMs who have been busy with updates are still a small minority, therefore to the most curious and savvy users it will be nice to know that there is a important update for a GSI custom of Android 12.

On the other hand, modding enthusiasts know it well: where producers do not arrive, most of the time the community takes care of it. We had already talked to you about the project finished today under the lens several months ago: it is about GSI (Generic System Image) custom from Android 12 edited by the XDA Recognized Developer phhusson which can be installed on any device that has Project Treble support.

Well, now the developer has released one new version of his Phh-Treble AOSP 12 GSI project (codename “Squeak”) including the security patches of February 2022but also of specific patches and above all of Announcements that could favor its use by a larger number of users.

The most important of these changes can be seen in the screenshot below: the project now has a Integrated OTA updaterthe result of phhusson’s collaboration with XDA’s Recognized Developer ponces. Up until now, switching to a new build could only be done via manual download and installation. Thanks to the newly introduced OTA client (Treble Settings > Updater), everything is made much easier and faster for end users. In any case, the initial release only works on devices with dynamic partitions.

With the accomplishment of this important step, the developer has also removed the wording “pre-release”. The latest stable version of Phh-Treble is v402, a hotfix of the previous stable v401. The new build features an option in the Treble settings to restart the System UI and also contains a specific fix for some Samsung devices and a function to control the volume of remote devices with the volume keys of the smartphone (the necessary framework overlay is present out of the box). here is the changelog business suit:

  • OTA support (only on dynamic partition devices)
  • February 2022 Security Patch Level
  • Workaround an issue on some Samsung devices where touchscreen would be dead on resume
  • Automatically enable debug.sf.latch_unsignaled=1 on devices reporting that in vendor prop – Should improve graphical perf on some devices
  • Fix in-call BT voice on Moto One Vision
  • Fix boot on Snapdragon 8 gen 1 / Android 12 vendors / audio hal 7.0
  • Enable WV L1 in Netflix on Mi 11 Lite 5G
  • Add an option in treble settings to restart SystemUI (currently requires root), useful when you change resolution
  • Add support for Huawei IMS
  • Allow volume buttons to control volume of remote devices

Did you want to try and do you know how to proceed? here is the link to the official page of the project. Before getting to work, you should make a backup of all your data – they will all be deleted – and use the Treble Info app (downloadable by clicking on the badge below) to acquire the necessary information on your device.

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