Nova’s Journey is an enchanting adventure

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is a point and click adventure in which you’ll play the space explorer Nova Dune as she explores Krystopia, a mysterious planet full of intriguing secrets.

The adventure is set with a third-person view based on the protagonist and her adorable alien pet, and features innovative, fun and challenging puzzles, the opportunity to meet and work alongside intriguing characters and moral dilemmas to tackle.

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is an enchanting and enigmatic adventure

The gameplay allows you to easily switch between characters to overcome obstacles and offers the possibility to collect unique and mysterious artifacts as you advance through the Krystopian caves. The game features well-crafted artistic graphics supported by a relaxing and immersive soundtrack.

The Antler Interactive Adventure is an independent sequel to Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey and is divided into three chapters, however it is translated into English, French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is available for Android for € 5.49 with no in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access Wi-Fi connection information and photos, media and files.

Below you will find the trailer and the badges identify the game nel Play Store from Google and the demo version that allows you to venture into the first of three chapters.


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