new access system and some limitations

Kena Mobile, semi-virtual operator of TIM, has started the release of an iImportant update for its official applicationavailable for Android devices, on the Google Play Store and onAppGallery by Huawei, and for iOS devices. The new update modifies the access system and could be an intermediate step for one of the main novelties of the Kena Mobile range of offers, namely the debut in the fixed network market as a response to the launch of the fiber offers of Iliad. Let’s see the details:

The official Kena Mobile app is updated: here are the news

With the new update, being released, the Kena Mobile app changes access system. In fact, once the new update has been installed, users will have to use the login credentials already used to access theMyKena Web area. This is the only way to access the customer area from your smartphone. Note that the update brings a new limitation that could complicate life for some users.

Those who have multiple Kena Mobile lines will no longer be able to manage them simultaneously from the app. In fact, it will be necessary to carry out a single access for each line so you can manage the SIM and active offers individually. In the future, Kena could reintroduce the possibility of connecting multiple lines to a single account but, for now, users will have to operate individually without the possibility of exploiting a “multi SIM” management of the application.

There is also good news though. Kena Mobile users, thanks to the new update, will be able to log in to the app using fingerprint recognition or face recognition. In this way, therefore, it will be faster to complete the login, compensating for the greater difficulties that users with multiple SIMs will have to face to access the app and manage their Kena numbers.

Is Kena Fiber Coming?

For some time there has been talk of a possible debut of Kena Mobile in the home Internet offers market with the possibility for users to exploit FTTH fiber optic offers and, probably, also FTTC mixed fiber offers by exploiting the TIM infrastructure. The debut of Kena in the fixed telephony sector, should it really materialize, will be linked to the recent debut of Iliad which, since the end of January, has been on the market with a very affordable fiber offer (starting from € 15.99 per month for mobile customers).

There editing the app it could, therefore, be to a systems update necessary due tointroduction of the fixed telephony service. It is good to specify, in any case, that, for now, there are no confirmations regarding a possible debut of Kena Mobile on the fixed network market. In the past, the semi-virtual operator of TIM has made some experiments with wireless Internet offers for the home (with the range of Kena Casa offers) without however recording particular success.

More details on the possible debut of Kena Mobile’s fiber offerings could arrive over the next few weeks. Updating the app and modifying the access and SIM management system from smartphones could represent a first clue that should not be underestimated.

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