Netflix is ​​riding the gaming wave with three new titles

Netflix launched its video game service last month and it seems that it is getting a taste of it, subscribers to the well-known streaming service can in fact, through the application, be redirected to the Play Store and download the games offered by the giant. Recall that all the titles are free of in app purchases and advertising, in addition to the Stranger Things series, the Gameloft Asphalt Xtreme title has recently been resurrected from oblivion.

Let’s see together what are the new titles available

  • Dominoes Cafe
  • Knittens
  • Wonderputt Forever

As you can see, even from the image above, these are not games of who knows what thickness, nothing that could entice users not yet subscribed to subscribe to one of the plans proposed by Netflix to be able to access these titles; these are essentially the classic casual games that the Play Store is full of, but we reiterate, without advertising or purchases in the app.

If you are not a subscriber to Netflix, but for some strange reason you wanted to try these titles at all costs, you can take advantage of the new ones Neflix gift cards.

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