Music in the metaverse: Music City is born

The world of music enters the metaverse quickly thanks to Music City: concerts, bands and live clubs, all thanks to an idea made in Italy.

Music City: the made in Italy project that brings music to the metaverse

Officially born Music City, and the name already says it all. However, if you were thinking of an American startup, well be ready to surprise yourself. The project, which brings the music industry to the metaverse, was born from Next Heroes with the collaboration of Velvet Media And AnotheReality. A choral initiative then, which however comes directly from the beautiful country, but what does it consist of? Well, more than bringing music into the metaverse, the idea is to create a metaverse entirely dedicated to music. In short, a Music City, with everything one could imagine from a city of flesh and concrete. An extremely interesting boost, especially with the industry’s less than optimal state of health in recent years.

“The sector is in a stagnant crisis situation – he explains Bassel Bakdounes, founder of Next Heroes – has long been waiting for the possibility of being able to give more support to artists and their fans. The opportunity offered by the creation of metaverses that make participation in events and news of the musical world fun and incentive is unprecedented “.

After all, we have already seen numerous artists who have launched into the world of NFT. Just last week we told you about Snoop Dogg, but the phenomenon is very widespread in the world of music (just think of John Legend and ai Kings of Leon). Various majors have also launched the production of virtual tokens and avatars (Sony and Universal Music Group are two examples). In short, a market that is also expanding into virtual worlds and hence the idea: a musical incubator in the metaverse.

Music City will therefore collect everything: artists (big and emerging), fans, producers, “live” concerts, merchandising, musical games and of course radio and labels. “A sort of musical circus” describe the founders, within which it is possible to experience music at all levels, in all its forms.

“A place made of music, for music and those who live it. A dream? For now, yes, but it will be possible to make it in the Music City metaverse ”concludes Bakdounes.

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