Murder cleaner is an adventure in which to cover up murders

Nobodies: Murder cleaner is a point and click adventure in which you’ll have to cover up murders on behalf of a secret government counter-terrorist organization committed to eliminating key members of Q-100, a terrorist organization bent on unleashing horrific experimental biological weapons on the world.

The object of the game is to hide the corpses in such a way that no one can ever find them and destroy all the evidence that could lead the investigation to discover the culprits without leaving any sign of your passage.

A point and click adventure in which to hide corpses and evidence

The gameplay of Nobodies: Murder cleaner is based on the puzzles to be solved to cover up the 11 murder cases by hiding the corpse and all the evidence of your passage.

By keeping two fingers pressed on the screen, you can highlight the relevant objects in the murder scene and combine them in the inventory. If you find yourself blocked you can resort to the suggestions that are given out by displaying advertisements.

Blyts’ point and click adventure was inspired by real events and features an artistic graphic style with nearly 100 distinct hand-drawn scenes for you to explore.

Nobodies: Murder cleaner is available for Android for free with texts translated into Italian and is supported by removable advertisements with an optional in-app purchase of € 2.99.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to reach the adventure page in Play Store from Google. The Android version required for installation varies by device.

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