Mr Pillster advises when it is time to take the medicine and take the medical measurements

Mr Pillster is an application that helps you and your family remember to take your medications at prescription times and to record and track various types of medical measurements.

It is sufficient to specify the dosage, time and frequency of taking the drugs (daily, some days of the week, intervals or cycles) and the app will remind the user to take them with warnings that can be accepted, postponed or canceled. .

The tool calculates the cycles of taking pills, as in the case of contraceptives, and allows you to keep track of various types of single and scheduled medical measurements such as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, sugar level, weight, mood level, calories consumed and burned, body fat, pain, steps etc.

Mr Pillster is available for Android for free supported by advertisements and optional in-app purchases to unlock the PRO version which eliminates advertising, activates quick notifications and removes the limit of family members.

The application asks for permissions to access: location, identity, contacts, photos, multimedia elements and files and can be reached in the Google Play Store through the badge found under the demonstration video.

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