Motion Cam is an app that brings RAW videos to Android smartphones

Advanced Mobile Video Recording (AMVR) has just shared on YouTube a video shot using an Android smartphone with its latest creation: Motion Cam is an application open source which for the first time makes available i video in format RAW on Android smartphones.

This new version of the AMVR application brings a breath of fresh air in the recording of videos via smartphone of the robot, which historically in this particular field struggle to keep up with the iPhone from Apple.

The latest Motion Cam update allows users to take advantage of video recording in 10-Bit CinemaDNG RAW. AMVR states that the app is still under development and at the moment works correctly only on a few models, but it is also pointed out that a significant improvement in video quality thanks to the ability to record in RAW. This is due to the fact that in this format each frame retains all RGB data and there is no loss of color and dynamic range information. Subsequent editing can be done on apps that support CinemaDNG RAW format files.

The demonstration video you see at the end of the article is in RAW10 format and comes from a modded LG V35 Signature Edition and from an LG V40. Before everyone rushes to download this app to try it out, a caveat: the exploitation of such a function requires hardware resources not indifferent and the videos thus obtained are by big dimensions (unlike videos in standard quality, those in RAW record a sequence of images with high frame rate combining them into a single clip), therefore its use is not recommended on smartphones with low-power hardware and with little memory available.

If you are curious to try Motion Cam, find the latest version of the app on GitHub and an older release on the Google Play Store.

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