more launches per day for the spacecraft

Elon Musk provided a number of important updates on the project SpaceX Starship. The new space program will see the debut of the aerospace company’s new reference vehicle for future space exploration. SpaceX’s Starship project features the reusable spaceship, also called Starship, and the reusable launch module, Super Heavy.

The status of the SpaceX Starship project and future goals

The company’s plan is to make the most of Starship with continuous launches throughout the year. With three launches of the spacecraft (reusable) per week, it is possible to bring a load of 15,000 tons into an orbit in one year. This is the total mass sent by humanity in its history of space exploration in orbit.

With three launches a day it is possible to exceed one hundred thousand tons and with ten Starships it will be possible to reach one million tons. As reported by Elon Musk, a Starship can complete a flight in 6-8 hoursconsidering 1-3 orbital turns in addition to take-off and landing times. The Super Heavy module, on the other hand, lands 6 minutes after launch.

The possibility of launching a Starship spacecraft three times in one day is therefore realistic. Super Heavy, moreover, can be used every hour since it requires half an hour for a complete refueling. For space exploration it will be necessary build refueling systems in orbit.

The first refueling operations are expected to begin over the next two years. Also noteworthy is the progress in the development of Raptor engines, more compact and with fewer components than in the past. This new generation of engines is more powerful and costs half as much.

SpaceX’s goal is launch Starship into orbit in 2022 (after receiving clearance from the American FAA).

The Starship Update video

Here is the video summarizing the objectives of the program:

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