More and more Android smartphones will offer dynamic colors

The Material You and his dynamic colors will soon be available on multiple Android smartphones globally, including Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, Realme and Xiaomi. The announcement comes directly from the official Android Developers Blog, through Product Manager Rohan Shah, who actually confirms what we saw yesterday on the theme system.

The Material You expands and is coming to many other smartphones

With the launch of Android 12 last October, coupled with the debut of the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, came the Material You (which we actually started learning about during the beta phase). The latter brought a smoother and more personalized experience than ever into our hands.

One of the most popular novelties is the colors and dynamic themeswhich adapt to the phone’s wallpaper and consequently transform the system, from the home screen to toggles, from settings to apps such as Gmail.

With more Android 12 devices arriving in the coming months, OEMs are working on APIs and are collaborating with Google to make dynamic colors work consistently across the ecosystem so developers can have all that is needed and that users can take advantage of it is available.

The Material You development team has published the “Customizing Material” article, with codelabs and guides to get started with Views or Jetpack Compose. In the coming months there will be updates for Material Theme Builder and Material Color Utilities to provide the tools needed for design and implementation.

dynamic themes and colors Material You Android 12

All this will be useful for to widen the Material You more and more and its dynamic colors, whose potential can already be appreciated on some Google apps such as Gmail, Photos and Chrome. So let’s get ready to enjoy the “real” Android 12 on more and more devices and applications.

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