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Among the most important innovations in the mobile field of the last few days of 2021 there is also the one concerning the new register of oppositions, which after so many years can finally be used to defend against the “boring” calls received even on the cell phone.

Well yes, it will finally be possible to include mobile numbers in the Register of oppositions among the numbers to be “protected”, thus completing a process that began about 10 years ago.

We remind you that the Register of oppositions is the instrument conceived by the Government and established with Presidential Decree no. 178/2010 with the aim of allowing users to “Oppose the use for advertising purposes of the telephone numbers of which one is the owner and the corresponding associated postal addresses, present in the public lists, by operators who carry out marketing activities by telephone and / or paper mail”.

The register of oppositions will become stronger

In recent weeks, the government has decided to make this tool stronger and among the innovations that will soon be introduced there are the protection of calls generated by software, a higher level of protection and the possibility of including mobile numbers among those that can be included in the “protected range”.

This latter result, however, will not be immediate and further intervention by the Legislator will be required even if it seems that most of the work has already been done.

Once this important change is actually introduced, users will have the opportunity to enter your mobile numbers in the Register of oppositions, thus obtaining the termination of promotional calls (the registration will also cancel any consent given up to that moment for the use of the number for advertising purposes).

The hope of the Italian mobile users at this point is that this goal can be achieved in the shortest possible time. We’ll see.

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