Mimeo Photos allows you to create photo books, puzzles and more

Mimeo Photos is an application that offers the ability to turn photos into palpable products such as photo albums, postcards, calendars, wall and table decorations, blankets, puzzles and more.

The app is designed to allow for easy browsing, editing and sorting via your smartphone in both landscape and portrait orientation, and provides a library of content and resources that include photo tips and design creation techniques.

Mimeo Photos allows you to create postcards, calendars and much more

Mimeo Photos lets you choose from over 50 design themes and use current layouts to easily balance or mix a series of photos, plus the app lets you populate your projects intuitively and quickly.

Finally, you can unleash your creativity with solid-color or patterned backgrounds to make your photos stand out and enhance images with eye-catching edges, plus the app allows you to start a project on your smartphone and resume it later on another device such as a desktop and vice versa.

Mimeo Photos is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases and is reachable nel Play Store from Google through the badge you find below the promotional video. Android 7.1 or later is sufficient for installation.

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