Meditation & Sleep offers tailor-made meditation

Balance: Meditation & Sleep is an application that aims to reduce stress, relax and improve sleep quality, mood and concentration through a personalized meditation program.

Using an audio library of thousands of files, the application creates daily meditation sessions perfect for anyone and organized into 10-day plans that teach you to learn fundamental meditation skills geared towards your goals and needs through questions about your meditation experience.

The app offers the possibility to choose between short and calming meditations, or immersive ones as a preparation for a restful sleep, through animated breathing exercises and 10 concrete meditation techniques to practice.

Balance: Meditation & Sleep offers a tailor-made meditation

The app supports Mindful Minutes integration with the Health app Apple and regularly receives new content, it also differs from the others in that it adapts to each user who can find relaxation, concentration, rest and happiness with thousands of possible paths.

At the moment Balance: Meditation & Sleep it is still under development therefore it is available for free for the first year, after which it will be necessary to join one of the proposed subscriptions to continue using the app. Below you will find the badge to reach the application page in Play Store from Google.

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