Media Bar is a handy customizable media bar

Media Bar is an application that provides an additional thin status bar with multimedia playback controls and a content progress indicator.

The app shows the progress of the media at the top or bottom of the display and allows you to browse the content by scrolling on it without having to lower the notification area, whether it is a song, a podcast or a video.

Available controls include Play / Pause, Rewind, Forward, Skip ‘X’ seconds forward or backward, and Launch App.

Media Bar offers a customizable media bar

The multimedia bar is customizable in terms of positioning and thickness up to 1 pixel, the background of the bar can be opaque or transparent, while the origin can be configured to be left / center / right.

The media bar is also capable of automatically hiding in full-screen apps, plus it can be set with various color and appearance configurations.

Media Bar is available for Android free of charge supported by removable advertisements with an in-app purchase starting at 2 euros.

Below you will find the badge to identify the application nel Play Store from Google. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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