many Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO smartphones will not receive it

A new report, published by the portal My 24 × 7reports a list of smartphones of the panorama Xiaomi they will not receive the new software update MIUI 13.5.

Many users could stay disappointed from this news but, to be honest, the list includes rather dated and, in some cases, even low-end devices (which, already basic, are penalized a bit by the update policies implemented by the manufacturers ).

MIUI 13.5: that’s why many Xiaomi smartphones will not receive it

Already with the previous generation of MIUI, Xiaomi had added an intermediate step to its interface, releasing a full-bodied one MIUI 12.5 a few months after the MIUI 12. With the MIUI 13the Chinese giant is expected to do the same, releasing the MIUI 13.5 a few months away. The conditional is a must, since the next software release is still in the pipeline and rumors about it have only recently been circulating.

In addition to all the confusion relating to the various smartphones, including rebrands and related ones, which often share the same name, the Chinese giant has also created a certain level of confusion regarding the software: in fact, not all smartphones run (or are receiving ) one MIUI 13 based on Android 12 but some are running (or are receiving) one based on Android 11.

Although the MIUI 13 had this double-sided in relation to the supporting software, the MIUI 13.5 will mark a clean break with the previous version of Android and will only arrive on smartphones that will be updated to Android 12.

TO force Xiaomi in this direction there is the increasingly growing interoperability between its interface and the operating system provided by Google: the change was necessary to be able to more easily bring the news on one’s MIUI without having to “adapt” them to different software releases.

Which Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO smartphones will not receive the update?

Xiaomi has therefore decided to abandon software support for Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices, with on board Android 11focusing on the latest models.

The list that we report below can be considered preliminary compared to the official one that should soon be issued by Xiaomi. These are mainly smartphones presented in the 2019, like members of the Mi 9 family, or some low-end smartphones presented in 2020.

Xiaomi smartphones that will not receive the major update

Redmi smartphones that will not receive the major update

POCO smartphones that will not receive the major update

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