Make the most of Google News and Discover by customizing your feed

Google News and Google Discover are very comfortable and powerful tools available to all Android users, however to really make the most of it and to be able to suggest content that is really relevant to the reader they need a touch of customization.

The purpose of this guide is precisely this: to show you in a few simple steps how to block sources that do not interest you, how to save the stories you like and, above all, how to make Google understand which news to show in your feed.

How does Google News work? How do you decide which news to show?

Let’s start with the basics: the application of Google News consists of four sections, namely “For you“,”News“(“Headlines“In the American version),”follow” and “News kiosk“.

Two of these sections are not related to the actual interests of the user: News includes articles that are suggested based on the regional or global interests of the moment (for example, at the moment it is articles about the war in Ukraine that are of most interest); Newsstand is a collection of recommended sources and includes a News Showcase section with articles selected by the editors and then various areas of interest (Entertainment, Food and Drink, Science and Technology, Sports and so on).

The sections that are truly tailored by Google News about the user’s interests are For you and follow. The second is mainly used to follow Topics – “to receive more news related to your interests in the For you section”-, keep an eye on the sources you are following, follow certain locations to receive local news and view the collection of saved news.

All this selection work is reflected in the articles that are shown in “For you“, In which Big G brings together the news that it deems interesting for the user based on factors that affect the algorithm, such as Google searches and articles viewed. Very often these articles hit the mark, but not infrequently Google News also suggests sources and articles far from the interests of the reader.

How to “train” Google News

If you often come across articles that don’t interest you at all or sources you don’t follow (perhaps because of poor quality), there are some tricks you can put into practice to reduce this hassle. At the same time, there are effective ways to let Big G know that certain content is to your liking and that you would like to see more of it.

Here’s how to “train” yours Google News:

  1. Open the Google News application.
  2. Tap on the section For you in the navigation bar at the bottom.
  3. Scroll past the first five stories: they are recognized as numbered and based on popularity.
  4. Find an article for which to leave feedback and open the overflow menu (by tapping the three-point button in the lower right corner of the tab).
  5. In the open pop-up menu leave your feedback: thumbs up to receive “More news similar to this“, Thumbs down to see”Less news like this“.

Repeat the same operation for other articles and you will soon notice how the Google News feed will adapt more precisely to your interests.

Customize the Google Discover feed

Google Discover, due to its accessibility from the home screen with a simple swipe, it is a great convenience, even if the ads scattered here and there and a feed full of not very relevant news can compromise its effective usefulness. If there is little to do for the former, there is some possibility of intervention for the latter.

Let’s say you have found an article you don’t like or an uninteresting topic, all you have to do is open the overflow menu (by touching the three-point button in the lower right corner of the card) and then select “I don’t care about this news” or the more drastic “[argomento] I am not interested”. Finally, through “Manage interests” you can access the Following (topics you have followed previously) and I am not interested.

In the opposite situation, or if you like an article, you can simply leave a Like by touching the small heart next to the overflow menu.

How to block a source

If customizing your feed by topics isn’t enough for you and you want more control over your sources, you know you can block them completelyon both Google News and Google Discover.

The procedure is the same, except for slightly different terms:

  1. Open the overflow menu (by tapping the three-point button in the lower right corner of the tab)
  2. Select the option “Don’t show stories of [nome fonte]“(Google Discover) /”Hide all news from [nome fonte]“(Google News).

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