Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Highlights
  3. Installation
  4. Usage help


Magui is a wrapper that calls functions from the Python library of Citellus

Some problems are not detected only one one node, but are made by the aggregation of data across them, for example:

Magui aims to use Citellus for gathering the data and later, write plugins to analyze that information.


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Usage help

Plugins for Magui are to be written in Python, check next section for details.

usage: [arguments] [-h] [-d {INFO,DEBUG,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
                            [--list-plugins] [--description] [-m MPATH]
                            [--output FILENAME] [--run] [--hosts hosts] [-q]
                            [-i SUBSTRING] [-x SUBSTRING] [-p [0-1000]]
                            [-mf MFILTER] [--lang]
                            [sosreports [sosreports ...]]

Processes several generic archives/sosreports scripts in a uniform way, to
interpret status that depend on several systems data

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Set log level
  --list-plugins        Print a list of discovered Magui plugins and exit
  --description         With list-plugins, also outputs plugin description
  -m MPATH, --mpath MPATH
                        Set path for Magui plugin location if not default
  --output FILENAME, -o FILENAME
                        Write results to JSON file FILENAME
  --run, -r             Force run of citellus instead of reading existing
  --hosts hosts         Gather data via ansible from remote hosts to process.

Filtering options:
  -q, --quiet           Enable quiet mode
                        Only include plugins that contain substring
                        Exclude plugins that contain substring
  -p [0-1000], --prio [0-1000]
                        Only include plugins are equal or above specified prio
  -mf MFILTER, --mfilter MFILTER
                        Only include Magui plugins that contains in full path
                        that substring
  --lang                Define locale to use

Magui can be executed using the citellus docker image as well, by modifying the entrypoint:

In a directory structure as:

├── sosreport-overcloud-controller-0
├── sosreport-overcloud-controller-1
└── sosreport-overcloud-controller-2

docker run --user=$(id -u) --rm --entrypoint="" -v /path/to/my/sosreports/:/data:Z citellus:latest -q /data/sosreport-overcloud-controller-0/ /data/sosreport-overcloud-controller-1/ /data/sosreport-overcloud-controller-2/

Running a check

This is an example of execution of Magui against a set of sosreports with seqno plugin of Citellus enabled. * -i seqno # (filtering for ‘seqno’ plugins.
{'/home/remote/piranzo/citellus/citellus/plugins/openstack/mysql/': {'ctrl0.localdomain': {'err': '08a94e67-bae0-11e6-8239-9a6188749d23:36117633\n',
                                                                                                   'out': '',
                                                                                                   'rc': 0},
                                                                             'ctrl1.localdomain': {'err': '08a94e67-bae0-11e6-8239-9a6188749d23:36117633\n',
                                                                                                   'out': '',
                                                                                                   'rc': 0},
                                                                             'ctrl2.localdomain': {'err': '08a94e67-bae0-11e6-8239-9a6188749d23:36117633\n',
                                                                                                   'out': '',
                                                                                                   'rc': 0}}}

On this example, UUID and SEQNO is shown for each controller.

Running a check against remote hosts

# Prepare host list in ansible-style
echo "host1" > hosts
echo "host2" >> hostsfile

# Run magui against them
./ --hosts hostsfile


Autogrouping dmeo

Magui does check metadata for finding host roles or hostnames that should be checked together and generates additional json files for them.

Plugin development for Magui

Please do check for more details.

Please if you have any idea on any improvements please do not hesitate to open an issue or submit your contributions.