Magic Eraser in Google Photos allows you to delete people, objects and things in photos intelligently

During Google’s Pixel Fall Launch event on October 19, the company unveiled a new editing tool available as part of the Google Photos app, first exclusively on the new Pixel 6 phones, called the ‘Magic eraser’. This allows you to delete elements that are in the photos and that you want to remove, with the automatic filling of the deleted area with what the algorithm imagines may have been at that point that deleted element had not been there at the time of the shot. A tool that Photoshop users may have known for some time, and is similar to the tool called ‘Object Eraser‘available on select Samsung Galaxy phones from this year.

“Removing distractions from photos is not an impossible task, but it generally requires sophisticated editing tools, know-how and time” commented Google Photos Product Managers Zachary Senzer and Navin Sarma. “That’s why we’re launching Magic Eraser on the Pixel 6, to help you remove those distractions in just a few taps right in Google Photos. And you’re not limited to newly captured photos – you can clean up all your photos, even those taken years ago or on non-mobile phones. Pixel “.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro – Magic Eraser Demo

How Magic eraser works in Google Photos

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