Levelhead’s madness lands on Android

Levelhead is a sandbox-type simulation in which you have to train the GR-18 delivery robot by building structured levels like those of typical 2D platformers to simulate the dangers of shipping in the real world.

As there is the sandbox component to the Mario Maker, players can create levels bordering on absurdity with the game’s intuitive and articulate editor that allows you to build a sprawling adventure, puzzle, pinball, boss level and share them across platforms to gain followers.

Levelhead includes an unlimited level editor

The editor of Levelhead it allows you to build amazing devices and machines, levels with hundreds of elements including enemies, dangers, paths, programmable switches, secrets, weather effects and power-ups, however it is also possible to create a scene with relaxing music to entertain the other players.

As a training course the game offers the chance to try your hand at a campaign with over 90 handcrafted levels that include a wide range of challenges and surprises to stimulate creativity.

Levelhead is available for Android for € 7.49 without in-app purchases or advertising and asks for permissions to access Wi-Fi connection information and photos, media and files.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to locate the game in the Play Store from Google. Android 4.1 or later is sufficient for installation.

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