LEGO launches the Mom I Lost the Plane set born from a fan’s project

The new set was presented LEGO Ideas “Mom I Missed the Plane”a detailed reproduction of the McCallister house from the popular and timeless film “Mom I Missed the Plane”, the story that sees the adventures of Kevin, forgotten at home alone during the Christmas holidays, struggling with the clumsy thieves Harry and Marv.

For the first time in a brick version, the set LEGO Ideas Mom I missed the plane is based on a project presented on the LEGO Ideas platform by 28-year-old Ukrainian Alex Storozhuk. “Like any child of the 90s, I grew up watching ‘Mom I missed the plane’“commented Storozhuk, “a film that holds a very special place in my heart. I can’t even imagine holidays without it! This film is very nostalgic and manages to bring back those warm childhood memories every time”.

At 3,955 pieces, this set is the largest ever created from a LEGO Ideas concept. Availability is expected in the LEGO Stores and on from 1 November 2021, then from 1 February 2022 also in Toys Centers, Global Ingross and SME at the recommended retail price of 249.99 euros.

The set LEGO Ideas Mom I missed the plane is instantly recognizable, distinguished by the large McCallister family house presented in lots of details – you will find the aftershave lotion from the bathroom scene from “The Scream”, Buzz’s tarantula, the robbers’ van, the paint cans used to make them fall and the tree house with the zipline. Other features include the fireplace, Christmas tree, toy train, grandfather’s clock, dining table, and record player.

Both inside and out, the house is faithfully reproduced to that of the film and includes the ground floor and first floor, the kitchen, the basement and the attic. The house can be opened using a new mechanism, with the walls separating in the center to open laterally and reveal the indoor area, while the roof also opens upwards. The set also contains the main characters from the movie in the form of LEGO Minifigures, including: Kevin, thieves Harry and Marv, old Marley and Kevin’s mom Kate.

The set LEGO Ideas Mom I missed the plane debuts on the market in view of the Christmas holidays and was therefore designed to be assembled following the timing of an Advent Calendar having 25 bags of building pieces: you can start with the meeting with the thieves and their van to finish with Kevin’s reunion with his mother, Kate.

Kevin McCallister’s minifigure also became the protagonist of the music video, visible below, where he recreates key scenes from the film.

And a few days before the debut of this set, the new film will be released exclusively on Disney Plus on November 12th Home Sweet Home Alone – Mom, I Missed The Plane starring Max, a mischievous and resourceful boy who was left at home while his family is in Japan for the holidays. So when a married couple trying to recover a priceless heirloom sets their sights on the Mercer family home, it’s up to Max to protect it from intruders … A modern take on the original Mum I missed the plane.

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