Italians between social media, streaming, news and business in 2021

73% of smartphone owners in Italy have used social or messaging apps daily, but 22% stopped using at least one platform in 2021, either temporarily or permanently. And what about the mobile messaging within business how are Italians doing? Let’s take a closer look at the results of a couple of interesting ones searches.

The relationship of Italians with social media, video streaming and news

Let’s start with the Deloitte survey on 2021, which presents us with a portrait of the relationship of Italians with social networks, video on demand streaming services, online shopping and news. Based on what we can read in the Digital Consumer Trends Survey 2021, which relies on over two thousand interviews with people between 18 and 75 years old, in the last year as many as 22% have left a social network.

The reasons? Mostly users are tired of content (35%), but also of rampant fake news (25%), and are afraid for their privacy (21%). However, social media are among the main sources for access to news, given that combined with the one above on the concern for fake news clashes particularly. There TV however, it remains the most cited source for news (37%) and is increasingly used for content streaming video on demand, even among the over 65: in fact, in 2021 the number of users who use it constantly rose from 40 to 63%.

As for the smartphone4 out of 5 users said they used it to buy a product online, at least once a month. Wearable devices are also growing a lot, or wearable if you prefer: in 2017 only one in ten people owned one smartwatch, and in 2021 we reach 25% (one in five has one instead smartband). The main users are those of the so-called Gen-Z.

Italy is second in Europe for mobile messaging

The second research we see today is instead that carried out by Esendex, in collaboration with PwC, concerning the mobile messaging increasingly strategic in the field business. According to the data, collected through interviews with more than 4000 companies in various European countries, Italy ranks second in Europe immediately after Spain.

Mobile communication on the business side, which includes SMS and OTT applications such as WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger, is increasingly widespread in our country and is assuming an important role for Italian companies.

According to what reported, the 53% of Italian companies make use of mobile messaging tools, a percentage exceeded only by Spain (58%): on the third step of the podium we find the United Kingdom (52%), followed at a distance by France (43%) and Germany (38% ). Those that make the most of mobile communication (60%) are companies with more than 250 employees, even if the “smaller” ones see a trend in constant growth (43%).

What are the types of use mobile messaging? Companies indicated emergency communication (21%), event-driven marketing (20%), sending notifications and reminders to customers (19%) and activities related to business process management as the most frequent areas ( 19%), such as internal communication, payments and authentication services.

The pandemic has given a further boost to this growth trend, as we have seen an increase in the need to communicate very frequently and often in emergencies, all cases in which SMS, RCS and OTT services are particularly effective.“, he has declared Carmine Scandale, Head of Sales of Esendex Italia. “For the next few years, more and more companies, even small to medium-sized ones, will make use of mobile messaging and, according to our data, it will be mainly IT and telecommunications companies, retail and financial services companies that will invest most in mobile communication.

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