is the fastest growing brand in Europe in 2021

Realme’s unstoppable growth in Europe continues. The brand, in fact, closed 2021 as an absolute protagonist of the smartphone market. As confirmed by Canalys’ latest estimates, in fact, Realme has positioned himself in the Top 5 of the main brands by number of smartphones shipped in 13 European countries in the course of 2021. Data released by Canalys confirm that Realme is the fastest growing smartphone brand in Europe. In a market dominated by Samsung And Apple for many years and with Xiaomi that has long been undermining the leadership of the two brands, Realme represents an increasingly relevant alternative for European users. Let’s see the full details:

Record growth in Europe for Realme in 2021

2021 was a very successful year for Realme in Europe. The brand took the title of the fastest growing brand in Europe during 2021, establishing itself by right in the Top 5 smartphone brands in Europe. During 2021in fact, Realme recorded a growth of + 518%. By restricting the analysis to the fourth quarter of 2021, on the other hand, sales increased on an annual basis by +449% with Realme conquering the fourth position overall.

The fourth quarter of 2021 saw Realme register a record growth in Europe and Italy in comparison with the data of the previous year. Considering theWestern Europein a market dominated by Apple (market share of 35% but sales down by -23%) and by Samsung (market share by 30% but sales down by -16%), Realme records record data with a 4% market share which is worth the fifth place in the ranking of smartphone brands. It should also be noted that the trademark registers a growth of + 1365% compared to the data for the fourth quarter of 2020.

By restricting the analysis toItalyWhat’s more, Realme’s data becomes even more surprising. The brand, also for the Italian market, confirms the fifth position among the brands but its own market share is 10% (leading the market is Samsung with 32%). For Realme, also in Italy, there is a record growth in the shipments of new smartphones. The brand marks a growth of + 3611% in comparison with the data of the fourth quarter of 2020.

Realme’s results are truly extraordinary in Europe. The brand ranks in the Top 5 of brands in several key markets in Europe (including Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium). The data in ECentral-Eastern Europe They are incredible. In this case, the brand is in the Top 3 absolute with a growth of + 10936% on an annual basis and with a market share equal to well the 18%.

The data collected by Canalys confirm Realme’s record results. The brand commented on these results, underlining its “commitment to grow in Europe and continue to offer consumers premium smartphones with industry-leading technologies and innovations. ” Most likely, therefore, also in the course of 2022 the Realme brand will be able to carve out a prominent space on the smartphone market, establishing itself more and more as a reference for European users.

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