is the co-founder of WhatsApp

If we were to talk about messaging services, surely two apps that will come to mind would be Whatsapp And Signal. These are two services that have a similar set of features, as well as end-to-end encryption support and, now, a common person as well.

New year, new CEO

With a post on the Signal’s official blog, Maxie Marlinspike, creator of the app, has announced that he will step down as CEO of Signal Messenger LLC, naming Brian Acton ad interim, while focusing on finding new candidates for this role.

Acton co-created WhatsApp together with Jan Koum in 2009, also co-founded and financed the Signal Foundation (parent company of Signal), with Marlinspike CEO since 2017, currently executive president. However, this role will be temporary and will last until the company has found a new external CEO. However, he will remain on the board of directors, so his involvement in Signal will apparently not cease.

I will continue to remain on Signal’s board of directors, committed to helping manifest Signal’s mission from that role, and will move up as CEO in the next month to focus on finding candidates. Brian Acton, who also sits on the board of the Signal Foundation, and who volunteered to serve as interim CEO during the research period. I have full confidence in his commitment to the mission and in his ability to facilitate the team for this moment.

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