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Reviews of haveibeenpwned: A simple and easy way to find out if your email address has been the subject of a data breach.

Haveibeenpwned Reviews: Find Out If You Have Been Hacked

Simple and easy to use service to check if your email has been leaked during a data breach.

No easy way to help you change account passwords or links to help you.

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What I like …. Haveibeenpwned Reviews

It sucks to receive tons of spam or have a hacked account and sometimes you have no idea how these people access that information.

If you want an easy to use service that will give you an idea of ​​how your email address Where Your username could be disclosedhaveibeenpwned “? This is where you have to go.

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You can easily check if your email address or username have been disclosed in previous breaches, and even check to see if your password used on multiple websites has been disclosed.

(You know you shouldn’t be doing this, right?)

Haveibeenpwned Reviews
Haveibeenpwned Reviews

As you can see, one of my email addresses was found in a series of data breaches.

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What I do not like

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The site contains a lot of interesting information, but it would be good if it contained links to the sites from which your address was disclosed.

This might not always be practical, but it would at least allow you to go and edit your account on those sites if you haven’t already.

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In fgeneral

There are other paid services that will give you similar information, some paid sites even use the ” haveibeenpwned “?

API to get the information. Why pay when you can get it for free here.

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DeHashed’s site:


The method DeHashed works the same as the other solutions on this list, but when they focus on email, DeHashed has it all.

Do you want to know if your name appears in pirated lists? You can do it. However, we advise you not to enter your password in the login form.

Sucuri Security Scanner

He takes an approach Different: It allows you to check an entire site for any signs of bugs, blacklists, security vulnerabilities and the presence of hackers.

It is ideal for bloggers and online businesses, but it should be used in addition to other sites that check emails and usernames, for security.

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