Instagram launches Threads, an app to keep in touch with close friends

Threads is a new application for Instagram released by Facebook which allows users of the social network to stay in greater contact with a small circle of friends.

On Threads, you can quickly share photos, videos, statuses and stories with only your close friends list on Instagram, offering only selected people the ability to contact us on the app.

The close friends list can be created at any time on Instagram or directly in Threads and you can share photos, videos and status with them even faster by using the friends links in the camera interface to send photos and videos in two touches.

The app allows you to choose from a series of predefined states, create your own custom states, or enable automatic states that share part of the context with close friends automatically, such as where the user is (at home, at bars, on the beach, at the cinema etc., but without geolocation) and on the battery status as on Snapchat, moreover the conversations with close friends on Threads will also appear on Direct and vice versa.

Threads from Instagram is available for Android for free with no in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access identity, contacts, location, phone, camera, microphone, device ID and call data, Wi-Fi connection information, photos, media and file.

Below you will find the badge to locate the application in Play Store from Google. Android 5.0 or later is sufficient for installation.

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