Instagram is working on longer duration Reels to challenge TikTok

Vertical videos of more or less short duration are a trend that many platforms are trying to ride and now Instagram – as confirmed by the information just leaked – is working to introduce Reels longermoving the limit up to 90 seconds.

These first weeks of 2022 have been quite full of news for Instagramincluding support for Meta 3D avatars, new initiatives against bullying, hatred and online violence, confirmation of the return to the chronological feed and other changes in tests for Stories, creators and more. Now, however, concrete clues have emerged about another new addition that could soon end up in the hands of users.

Instagram Reels: changes in sight

The Instagram Reels had clearly been introduced by the social network headed by Facebook (Now Half) on the basis of the enormous success of TikTok. The same success that even pushed YouTube to get on the wagon of short vertical videos with the Shorts.

TikTok’s counter-move to respond to these competitors’ entry into the field had consisted in introducing longer videos. This turnaround had already been followed by the Reels in the previous months and now it seems that Instagram wants to get even closer to its rival.

According to what was reported on Twitter by the leaker @ alex193a (aka Alessandro Paluzzi), Instagram is currently working on the possibility of create Reels lasting for 90 seconds (against the current limit of one minute). The veracity of what is reported is demonstrated by the screenshot you see below.

In short, the Instagram Reels are progressively moving away from the brevity that characterized them at launch: from the initial 15 seconds they had passed to 30 seconds, then again to a minute and now they are preparing to overcome this limit as well.

Of course, it is already possible to upload videos of longer duration to Instagram that the platform also classifies as Reels, however the novelty refers to the recording of a new Reel directly from the in-app camera.

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