Instagram ends support of the IGTV app to focus on Reels

Instagram launched Reels globally in 2020 as a new short video creation, editing and sharing tool – as well as a response to TikTok’s growing success – available within its app on iOS and Android. As part of its updated plan to invest in reels, making video discovery and creation as easy as possible, Instagram has now announced that starting this March it will no longer support its standalone IGTV app. This had been launched in 2018 to allow you to watch long videos (without the limit of one minute as on Instagram) made in vertical format by the creators of Instagram. These videos will not disappear, but they can be viewed through the main Instagram app.

“As part of our efforts to make the video as easy as possible to discover and create, we will no longer support our standalone app for IGTV.” is the statement of Instagram. “Instead we will focus on having all the videos on the main Instagram app. We believe this makes it easier for people to have all of these features and skills in the main app, and we are excited to continue simplifying and improving the videos in the app. principal of Instagram in the coming months. “

At the same time, again due to the desire to focus on Reels, Instagram has announced that In-Stream video ads (formerly known as IGTV ads) will no longer be supported. Creators who are actively monetizing with In-Stream Video Ads will receive a temporary monthly payment based on their recent earnings.

“We want to help creators turn their passion into a life – that’s why we’ve invested in helping creators make money through a portfolio of monetization options on Meta. We’re exploring other ways to make money by creating reels that entertain our community. In addition to the bonuses, we will begin testing a new Instagram ad experience later this year, which will allow creators to earn revenue from the ads displayed on their reels. “

The end of support for the standalone IGTV app should therefore be seen as part of Instagram’s plan to make the experience of creating, searching and watching videos better through a single app: its main one. In view of this change, in 2021 Instagram had started simplifying the video experience in the main app by merging Feed Video and IGTV into a single format, Instagram Video, to make it as easy as possible to create and find videos.

Recently, Reels’ support has been extended to Facebook. On that occasion, Meta said: “Watching videos is half the time spent on Facebook and Instagram, and Reels is by far our fastest growing content format. Our goal is to make Reels the best way for creators to get discovered, connect with theirs. audience and earn money. We also want to make it fun and easy for people to find and share relevant and entertaining content. “

“Videos are a big part of why people love Instagram and we love how our community of creators use it to express themselves, collaborate with others and connect with their followers.” explained the Instagram team. “Reels continues to be an important and growing part of Instagram and we’re excited to invest even more in this format.”

According to Instagram, shorter and funnier videos will allow creators to “to inspire trends, to express oneself to one’s audience in a flexible (and fun) way and to carry the culture forward”. Meanwhile, for Instagram, reels will be able to contribute more to growing community engagement, since “more and more people are watching reels to have fun, deepen their interests or discover new creators”.

Instagram has planned to introduce upcoming changes to the way users view videos on Instagram, based on feedback received from creators over the past few months. Regardless of how they are created, videos watched within the Instagram app will have similar functionality to full screen view, and you will be able to tap the footage to mute the audio. Instagram is also working to create an easier way to share, create and discover videos.

Here are suggestions from the Instagram team aimed at those thinking of creating Instagram videos to build their own circle of fans:
• short is better: the Instagram community prefers short and funny videos.
• optimize video content for vertical viewing: preferably using the 9×16 high resolution borderless aspect ratio, with any text not covering most of the screen.
• involve the viewer in the first few seconds (preferably in the first 3) and keep him interested for the entire duration of the video.
• create an editorial calendar to adhere to; there is no need to publish a video a day but it is a good idea to keep a publication pace in line with the type of content offered.
• avoid recycled content: the Instagram community seems to prefer reels made exclusively for Instagram; therefore avoid publishing visibly recycled reels from other apps.
• pay attention to the material: avoid reels focused on potentially sensitive content, as well as excessively promotional or too commercial content. You can refer to the Instagram Community Guidelines for more information.

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