Instagram confirms the return of the chronological feed

It has been a while since Instagram is testing some changes for the feed with some users such as, for example, the order of the posts in a chronological manner. Now Adam Mosseri, head of the company, confirmed his arrival along with another function, also in the testing phase.

The chronological feed on Instagram is back, along with a new option

In a video posted on Twitter, Mosseri showed a new menu with three options which will allow you to customize the Instagram feed and the display of posts. The first, called “Home”, uses an algorithm that create a feed based on what interests us, “Favorites” instead will be populated with contents derived from accounts chosen by the user (e.g. Mosseri states to use it for siblings, some creators and friends). And finally, perhaps the most awaited, call “Following” is that will return what many users have asked for, that is a chronological stream of posts from followed accounts.

The number 1 on Instagram he had already promised his return during a Senate hearing in December, adding that the idea of ​​Favorites was already being tested as well. This return, while desired by several users, may not please as it was for many when it was launched in 2016. Many complained not to see posts from the accounts they followed for a long time, or to always have old posts at the top, with the Creators having hypothesized how the algorithms decide in a completely autonomous way which posts to push the most.

The new Instagram options are already available to some users, but the company has not yet made any statements on when it intends to enable them for everyone. Have you already received them? Please let us know using the comment box.

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