in test sending multimedia files up to 2 GB

Thanks to the usual portal WaBetaInfowe learn of a further novelty, still in the testing phase, introduced in WhatsApp Beta: the popular messaging app could soon allow users to share huge multimedia files.

This feature comes at the end of a fairly busy week for the WhatsApp development team that has released the multi-device without a connected smartphone for everyone, has introduced new preview features (such as the ability to change the language of the application) and has improved some already in the works for some time (such as reactions, or further implementations of indicators related to end-to-end cryptography).

WhatsApp Beta: in test the sending of media files up to 2 GB

According to what was reported, Whatsapp may soon rise to 2 GB the limit size of multimedia files (documents, photos, videos) that can be shared within chats, making the app a real alternative for transfer immediate of files.

The step forward would be hugesince the maximum size is currently set at 100 MB (or 20 times less).

Although the new limit has been spotted on the of WhatsApp Beta for iOS (following image), this would also seem to be available in the counterpart for Android, with versions, And marked as compatible with functionality.

When will this news arrive on WhatsApp?

The novelty in question is currently in test phase in Argentina and is limited to a small number of beta testers. We don’t even know if Whatsapp have plans to extend this functionality to more markets or to more testers in the future; the development team may also decide to take a step back, and leave the size limit for shareable media files at 100MB.

Although the novelty is limited to Argentine beta testers, to those who want to try out all the news of Whatsapp for Android we recommend to proceed with the registration to the Beta program (you can find the page dedicated to the program following this link). If the Beta Program is temporarily full, it is still possible to proceed with the manual installation of the related APK files, which can be downloaded from the portal APK Mirror (whose dedicated page can be reached by following this link).

We will continue to carefully follow the further developments related to this feature and we will not fail to update you on all the other news being worked on by the WhatsApp development team.

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