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In the past few hours theAGCOM published the report of Internet Measure 2021, an interesting initiative aimed at studying the quality of our country’s mobile networks.

This initiative, which took place between August and November, involved 45 Italian cities and was conducted by the Ugo Bordoni Foundation, an independent entity appointed by the Communications Authority.

For Misura Internet 2021, the networks of TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE improve

According to what emerges from Misura Internet 2021, compared to last year the performance of the mobile networks of the three main Italian telephone operators, namely TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE, improved significantly, with an average download speed of 78 Mbps (+ 15% compared to 2020) and 32 Mbps uploads (+ 10% compared to 2020).

The fastest city in our country seems to be Bologna, where the download reaches 126 Mbps (+ 20% compared to 2020) and the upload reaches 38 Mbps (+ 23% compared to 2020). Also to Verona you travel at rather high speeds, i.e. 109 Mbps in download (+ 47% compared to 2020) and 37 Mbps in upload (+ 19% compared to 2020).

Continuing in the ranking of the fastest Italian cities, a Bari the download speed reaches 91 Mbs (+ 2% compared to 2020) and the upload speed reaches 38 Mbps (+ 19% compared to 2020) while Turin it travels at 82 Mbps in download (+ 17% compared to 2020) and at 34 Mbps in upload (+ 9% compared to 2020).

TO Milan the download and upload speeds are respectively 76 Mbps and 32 Mbps (equal to an increase of 7% and 2% compared to 2020) while Rome are 71 Mbps and 28 Mbps (equal to an increase of 19% and 7% compared to 2020).

AGCOM announces that by February 2022 the comparative data will be available through the appropriate cartographic application, available on the website

You can find the full document with the report of the Measure Internet 2021 campaign and all the related data following this link.

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