in 2021 in Italy there were more than 5,000 attacks

A report probably wouldn’t have been needed. In the sense that each of you Techprincess readers will have noticed how, for the cybersecurity of our country, 2021 was not a very happy year.

We have in fact given you an account of a dense series of attacks on public and private companies, the culmination of which – by gravity – was reached in the night between Saturday 31 July and Sunday 1 August. When a computer offensive brought the systems of the Lazio Region to their knees. And he had the President of the Region Nicola Zingaretti say that it was “the most serious attack ever against an Italian public administration”.

But now the report has arrived, by the Police post. And he tells us that in 2021, cybersecurity in Italy was violated more than 5,000 times. To be precise, there were 5,434 “significant IT attacks against IT services relating to institutional systems, critical IT infrastructures of national interest, sensitive infrastructures of regional interest, large companies”.

Let’s see the results of the report in more detail.

Cybersecurity in 2021 in Italy: the CNAIPIC report

The research was carried out by CNAIPIC

The mileage acronym stands for National Cybercrime Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures. It is a center that is part of the Anticrime Center of the State Police. And who is in charge of the prevention and repression of computer crimes, of a common, organized or terrorist matrix, which have as their objective the computerized infrastructures of a critical nature and of national importance.

The numbers

Italian cybersecurity in 2021 is not only characterized by the very high amount of cyber offensives.

But also for the” high number of security alerts issued (110,524), referable to threats to IT and telematic systems protected by CNAIPIC itself

There are also, we read in a note from the Postal Police, “60 requests for cooperation, handled by the Office of the HTC Emergency contact point present within CNAIPIC within the G7 24-7 High Tech Crime Network”.

While 187 people were reported “for unauthorized access and damage to computer systems relating to critical systems or essential services, spread of malware, unlawful large-scale data processing. “

The analysis: fake green passes

The Postal Police investigation offers not only numbers, but also a series of areas in which cyber attacks have been particularly intense.

For example, that of the trade in fake green passes, often able to pass the controls of the app in charge unscathed.

Here the investigations of the Postal Police have operated on three fronts. The first was the contrast to the phenomenon of illicit theft of entire archives containing hundreds of green passes of Italian citizens. Which were then resold or made available on file-sharing platforms.

Second front, the fight against scams that involve the publication (on social networks or on the dark web) of fraudulent ads with which to get hold of user data, in exchange for the false promise of a green pass.

Finally, the fight against computer intrusion into regional health systems, with the aim of entering data on vaccinations and swabs never performed, so as to obtain the issue of green passes.

Financial cybercrime

The CNAIPIC report also focuses on cyber attacks on the financial systems of large and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2021, 126 were registered, which caused an illicit theft of over 36 million euros. 17 of which were recovered thanks to the action of the Postal Police.


The survey then looks at the phenomena of phishing, smishing and vishing.

Let us dwell briefly on the two lesser known terms. Smishing is the attempt to scam through mobile messages, vishing through an interactive human voice.

Well, in 2021 there were 18,000 cases reported in our countrywith an increase of + 27% compared to 2020. And 781 people were reported.

The site of the Postal Police

In partial consolation, Italian cybersecurity in 2021 brings with it at least one encouraging result.

We are referring to the website of the Postal Police, which in the year just ended counted 52 million hits. 28,000 requests for information were disposed of, and 114,000 reports from citizens, with a good luck + 103% compared to 2020.

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