Iliad wants to buy Vodafone Italy

At the end of January, rumors spread that Iliad And Vodafone they would have decided to find an agreement for a sort of merger of their respective activities in Italy, in order to put an end to the ruthless competition that has been going on for a long time and, consequently, to obtain greater stability.

A couple of days later, a sharp denial arrived by Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad Italia, who declared that the French telephone operator will continue its adventure in our country alone.

Iliad could get serious with Vodafone in Italy

According to what is reported by Bloomberghowever, it may just be a facade statement since last week Iliad allegedly presented an offer to the Vodafone Group to buy the Italian division of the telecommunications giant.

Recall that Nick Read, CEO of Vodafoneconfirmed that the company is looking for merger opportunities in key marketssuch as those of the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Portugal but at the moment there is no information on a possible interest in the offer sent by the Iliad executives.

The representatives of Vodafone and Iliad at present have refused to comment on the new rumors on the possible relations between the two companies.

In recent months, the main European telephone operators are carrying out operations aimed at consolidation and it would not be surprising if Iliad and Vodafone also decided to join forces (although it remains to be understood in what terms) to acquire greater stability.

The crisis generated by the Coronavirus pandemic, in fact, has also hit the communications sector hard, which is also very competitive in Italy. In the event that these new rumors prove to be well founded, it will be interesting to find out how the other telephone operators will react to the giant born from the merger between Iliad and Vodafone.

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