Iliad tries to join Vodafone in Italy

The panorama of Italian mobile telephony in the coming months could be at the center of a real revolution: it seems, in fact, that Vodafone And Iliad have started negotiations with the intent to reach an agreement to combine their respective businesses in our country, in order to put an end to the ruthless competition that has been going on for some time now.

According to what is reported by Reutersanonymous sources close to the two telecommunications giants claim that the two companies have been studying solutions for some time that can allow them to join forces.

Iliad and Vodafone together in our country

It seems almost superfluous to point out that the finalization of an agreement of this type would have a disruptive effect on the Italian mobile telephony market: the two companies combined, in fact, would represent a real power in the telecommunications sector, with a market penetration of around 36% and combined revenues of almost 6 billion euros.

Recall that this is a very special moment for Iliad, which Tuesday 25 January should announce after so many months of waiting its official entry into the Italian fixed telephony sector.

It seems that Iliad has studied the various options available to be able to expand even more in the mobile market of our country and has identified in this type of agreements with other operators the best method to achieve the goal and put an end to a price war that , if on the one hand it can only please users, on the other hand it ends up significantly cutting the company’s profit margins.

At the moment neither Vodafone nor Iliad have commented on the news reported by Reuters but it is likely that in the next few days the two companies will take a position with an official note.

In any case, should this indiscretion prove to be well founded, any agreement between the two telecommunications giants for a sort of merger in our country should receive the green light from the authorities that regulate the market: essentially, before this project can be finalized, it will still take a long time.

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