Iliad has submitted an offer to acquire Vodafone Italia, here are the figures

After some rumors circulated in recent days, and after the CEO of Iliad Italia had the company’s interest in Vodafone was flatly deniedthe first official admission arrives: the French group has expressed its willingness to buy Vodafone Italia, thus aiming to become the first Italian operator.

Official offer to Vodafone

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde, Thomas Reynaud, CEO of Iliad Group, confirmed the economic proposal for the acquisition of the Italian division of Vodafone. Therefore confirmed the advances of Bloomberg first and of Il Sole 24 Ore then, which apparently were well informed on the affair.

The figure put on the plate by the French group is definitely important: in fact we are talking about a good 14 billion eurosoffered to Vodafone for the sale of Vodafone Italia. In this way the French company would become the first Italian operator, with a very important share.

Obviously the operation must be approved by AGCOM and it will take some time to finalize, but the foundations seem to have been laid. Recalling what happened on the occasion of the merger between Wind and Tre, this new operation will also be carefully examined and could lead to the arrival of a fourth operatorperhaps Fastweb itself, which has been pushing for a long time to have a proprietary network.

It remains to understand the fate of ho. Mobilewhich could be sacrificed to avoid internal competition, but for all these details there will be time and a way to talk.

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