Iliad could introduce Wi-Fi sharing in the future by exploiting Iliadbox

Last week we reported the official status of the Iliad lands on the fixed telephony operator marketnow it appears that in the future the operator may implement a function of Wi-Fi sharing for mobile customers through Iliadbox modems. Let’s see what it is.

Iliad could create an open Wi-Fi network for its customers by taking advantage of home connections

Let’s start by specifying that the operator has not explicitly advertised or talked about this potential functionality during the presentation of Iliadbox, as follows from what are the contractual conditions in the Iliad documents. More exactly, article 3 called “Use of the device” reports a paragraph dedicated to the “wifi sharing” service that we report below: “The User acknowledges that the Iliadbox is set up to allow the use of the wifi sharing service by Iliad mobile phone users, without causing any prejudice to the Iliadbox performance and to the voice telephony and Internet connection services. and without prejudice to the User’s right to disable this functionality of the Idbox through the Personal Area of ​​the Website“.

In practice Iliad has foreseen the possibility of using the Iliadbox modems of the users for create an open Wi-Fi networkpresumably free, for their mobile customersin order to allow these not to go to affect the jigs of their offer. Not having said anything yet, it is assumed that Iliad may want to implement this feature in the future. In any case, always in the contractual conditions, it is reported that the fixed network user still has the possibility of deactivating this function (active by default) through the Personal Area.

In France FreeWifi_Secure for Free Mobile customers already does something similar

Iliad in its mother country, through the Free brand, already offers its customers a service called FreeWifi_Secure. This service basically makes one available in mainland France free national hotspot network, using Freebox customers’ Wi-Fi networks. This function allows Free Mobile customers to automatically connect to the FreeWifi_Secure network, using an EAP-SIM (Extensible Authentication Protocol for SIM) authentication protocol which therefore does not require any credentials to be entered, but simply uses the SIM recognition to connect automatically.

Should the operator wish to implement this function in Italy in the future, it would not be the first. In fact Fastweb already offers its mobile customers the possibility of connecting to the Wi-Fi network of fixed network customers who grant this possibility.

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