If a contact asks for a code for WhatsApp it is a scam

The Postal Police reports a new scam that is claiming victims through WhatsApp. This time the deception is put in place through a contact who pretends to be a friend. This is how the fraud was orchestrated.

The attackers make the victims believe they are their acquaintance through a chat message. At the right moment they write that they have unintentionally sent the 6-digit code for authentication on the platform and ask the victim to send it to them to unlock their account.

With this scam, the cybercriminal manages to have the access key of the victim’s account sent to him and therefore to take possession of the telephone book and exploit the data to carry out further fraud by using the victim’s phone number to replicate the stratagem against his contacts. .

Useful tips to avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals

In this regard, the Postal Police reiterates that the codes you receive are strictly personal and should never be shared, even if requested by your contact, friends or family, as they could be impostors, furthermore you must avoid opening any links in messages.

It is also useful to activate the two-step verification usually available in the account settings. Once the code is entered, anyone using their account will be automatically logged out.

In some cases, the app may ask you to provide the two-step verification code. If you don’t know it, the person using your account may have turned on 2-Step Verification. If you have ended up in the trap of the fake WhatsApp contact it is recommended to uninstall the app immediately.

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