I have. Mobile proposes to customers the challenge of the steps for the responsible consumption of giga

The virtual mobile operator ho.Mobile returns to incentivize its customers to walk, which is good for health. After proposing last year the “Più Passi che Giga” initiative as a challenge that allowed ho.Mobile customers to help plant new trees in the ho.Mobile forest and receive a surprise, the same is back this’ year, with the aim of supporting customers to walk outdoors and to “consume their Giga responsibly”.

The program allows ho.Mobile customers to challenge their Giga consumption with steps: just do more “GigaPassi” (1 GigaPasso = 10,000 Steps) than the Giga consumed in a month. It doesn’t matter where, the important thing is to move. At the end of the March challenge it will be possible to redeem a prize in collaboration with Buddyfit, a popular online fitness app.

Here’s how it works: I have clients. who have renewed their offer in the last 30 days can open the ho app. and enter the section “More Steps than Giga” and follow the instructions here to connect your smartphone to the challenge and start counting the GigaPassi. 10,000 steps correspond to “1 GigaPasso”. For the step count, the app connects to the Apple Health app, in the case of an iPhone with an iOS operating system, or to Google Fit, in the case of an Android phone. The challenge lasts one calendar month, until March 31, 2022, unless extended, and is won when the number of GigaPassi exceeds that of giga actually consumed in the month for internet browsing. Therefore, the challenge will be lost if at the expiration of the same the number of GigaPassi has not exceeded that of consumed giga. You can access the “More Steps than Giga” section in the ho app. by April 30, 2022 to find out the outcome of the challenge and redeem the surprise. This will consist of a promotional code valid to obtain a free trial month of Buddyfit services and contents (only for new Buddyfit users, never registered on the platform). The code will be usable by 30 April 2022 only once, it will not be combinable with other promotions in progress and will not be divisible.

In addition to some surprises reserved for those who will participate in the challenge, in proportion to the Giga saved, the operator ho. will plant a tree with treedom, the web platform that allows you to plant a tree remotely and follow its growth online. I have. has planned to plant a tree for every 1000 gigabytes saved. To date, the ho.Mobile forest is made up of 3,141 trees spread across 9 countries – including Italy, Africa and Central America – helping to absorb 535,875 k2 of CO2 from the atmosphere, which would be enough to fill 2,791 trucks.

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