How To Use Hamachi To Create A VPN

Do you want to know how to use Hamachi to create your own VPN? Secure data communications between two remote systems and play online games like Minecraft. It is completely free for five computers.

To create his own VPN was previously expensive and complicated, but software called Hamachi makes it easy and very affordable!

Follow these simple instructions to set up your own virtual private network using Hamachi :

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Benefits of Home VPN

disable VPN1 – Free : There is no need to pay for a third-party VPN service.
2 – Security of your internet connection when using public WiFi hotspots
3 – Possibility of remote consultation and securely content from your computer to a remote device.
4 – Office: Using VPN, companies can allow their employees to securely connect their computers to the office network from any part of the world.

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1 – Download and create a LogMeIn Hamachi account

LogMeIn (formerly known as Hamachi) is one of most popular ways creation of your VPN server.

Essentially, you just need to install LogMeIn on a PC / Mac at the first location, then at the other location, to create a network by the program and join this same network using the ID network to the other location.

Simply Download Logmein Hamachi (available for Windows and Mac), create a user account, install the software and add the computers to this private network.

Now you need to create a account by entering your email and password, and the account will be created in less than a minute

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How to use Hamachi
How to use Hamachi

2 – Creating your VPN

To get started, click on the start button and enter a name for your customer.

  • Press on “Create a network” and give it a name and password. Click on ” To create“.
  • Install Hamachi on any other Pc that you want to connect to VPN domesticated.
  • This time you have to choose ” Join an existing network » to join the one you just created, rather than creating a new one.
  • From this moment you can navigate on your home PC, as if it were on a local area network (LAN).
create a hamachi account
Create a hamachi account

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3: Configuration and configuration of Privoxy.

  • 1) Download and configure privoxy from You can also put a copy of the icon of privoxy in your startup folder.
  • 2) Launch the app
  • 3) Click on “Options / Edit Main Configuration”: A notepad document will appear.
  • Search the document to find “Listen-address
  • You must choose the address that is not preceded by an asterisk (#). Replace address by the number which is displayed at the top of Hamachi.
  • 4) Finish and save the document.
  • You may need to restart the application for the change to take effect.

Advice for professionals: For all of this to work at its best, you need to be using a PC that is always on and never falls asleep. Rather than installing it on an old low-end computer that we put in a corner and that we forget. (except for installing updates, of course)

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4 – Configure your browser

The process is quite simple. Enter the proxy options from your web browser. When he asks you for a IP adress, give him the address IP Hamachi of server. When he wants a port number, give him 8118.

That’s it that’s all. You have finished ! Now when you are in a public hotspot and you are connected to Hamachi, all your web browsing traffic should be encrypted.

Now let’s try to see if everything works. Open the web browser you just configured to go through a proxy server. Go to a website which displays your Internet IP.

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If everything works, you should get the IP address of your home internet connection. Of course, if you test this at home, it won’t help much. You can always you connect to the access point someone’s wireless just long enough to see what IP the site is giving you.

Remark : remember that if you have multiple web browsers on your computer, only those with proxy settings configured will be encrypted.

The advantages of Hamachi

  • It’s free, so you don’t have to worry about a subscription
  • Help secure your internet when you are on public Wi-Fi to prevent eavesdropping attacks
  • You can view videos and download personal files in complete privacy and security
  • Your home computer or server essentially acts as an encrypted proxy server
  • While traveling abroad, you can use your personal virtual LAN server to unblock content hosted in your home country

The disadvantages of Hamachi:

  • Your VPN server accesses the data with the IP address that your ISP gives, so that any activity can be traced to this address
  • Data hosted outside the local network where your VPN server resides will not be encrypted.
  • The server will need to be constantly on to provide you with a VPN connection, which may consume electricity

Only you can determine if the pros outweigh the cons. But I would say that since we live in an information age, security cannot be overstated. Always keeping this in mind.

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