How to turn off transparency on Windows 11

The new Windows 11 operating system sports new user interface (UI) transparency effects: this is one of the many details that caught our attention when evaluating the Windows 11 preview – if you’re curious. find here our video about it.

However, the new transparency effects on Windows 11 are not appreciated by all users: the team of software engineers at Microsoft has seen fit to give a refurbished also to the animations of the entire system, making them more beautiful and fluid, thus approaching the Apple counterpart – which often leads the way in matters of design. However, not everyone has received these changes in a positive way, even if it is undeniable that the new stylistic language of which Windows 11 shows off is a feast for the eyes.

Especially when using colored backgrounds, transparency effects make the whole UI more enjoyable; if, however, the final result is not to your liking, there is a concrete possibility of turn off transparency on Windows 11.

How to turn off transparency on Windows 11 from the customization settings

To disable transparency from the settings dedicated to customization, just follow these simple steps:

  • right-click on an empty part of the desktop and click on Customize;
  • in the panel dedicated to customization just opened we look for the tab Colors;
  • among the available options there will be a toggle dedicated to transparency effects: just set it to Off to deactivate it.

The effects will be active as soon as the toggle is placed on Off, so you can immediately see the different look that the interface will show without the transparency effects active.

How to turn off transparency on Windows 11 from the accessibility settings

There is another method to turn off transparency effects on Windows 11 through the Accessibility menu:

  • let’s open the panel Settings pressing the key combination Win + I and typing “Settings” in the global search box;
  • click on the tab Accessibility;
  • we scroll until we find the tab Visual effects;
  • we localize the option relating to the effects of Transparency;
  • we set the toggle Transparency to Off to turn off the effects.

Now you know exactly how to turn off the transparency effects: to restore them just follow the same steps and place the toggle on On.

Does turning off transparency on Windows 11 improve performance?

Searching online you will find conflicting sources on the subject: some report an increase in performance by disabling the transparency effects, others argue that it only changes the display of the interface and that it has no impact on the performance of the operating system.

We can’t predict in advance whether there will be a performance improvement – those with older hardware may notice a slight improvement, but Windows 11 requires newer hardware – it’s safe, find out why in our in-depth study – in order for it to work, therefore there should be no problem with keeping transparency effects active. If you want to get rid of the animations too, which some might find slow as they add a slight delay to the actions for the pure pleasure of the eyes, then take a look at our guide on how to remove animations in Windows 11.

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