How to remove animations in Windows 11

The new animations in Windows 11 make you crazy and you don’t know how to turn them off? Know that you are not the only ones. Compared to Windows 10, the new version of the operating system of the Redmond house is embellished with a large series of news and services. One of the most critical points on which Microsoft’s software engineers have focused is that relating to the user interface (UI), renewed from many points of view and full of new visual effects.

The ultimate goal is to make the new system more attractive to the end user: the eye also wants its part. One of the reasons why users prefer Apple products to the competition is precisely for the pleasure of use: the animations are, on average, more fluid, congruent and captivating than the others. In the new version of Windows 11 animations and visual effects, however, can result in a slight delay in actions: that’s why, in the next few lines, we will explain exactly how to turn off animations in Windows 11 to make the user experience more lightning-fast.

How to disable animations in Windows 11

The first thing to do is to access the menu of Settings: The easiest way to do this is to press the key combination Win + I – Windows key on the keyboard, the one with the iconic symbol of the four windows – and search for “Settings”: the first available result will be an app with the gear icon. One of the novelties of Windows 11, for its graphic restyling, is a new set of icons, more captivating and in line with the modern and minimalist look of the new version of the Microsoft operating system.

how to remove animations in windows 11

In the menu Settings, in the tab on the left, we have to scroll until we find the icon Accessibility: by clicking on it, new options will be displayed on the right side of the window.

how to remove animations in windows 11

At this point we need to find and click on Visual effects, and then scroll to find the toggle related to animations: deactivating it you can instantly see the effects it has on the entire interface.

how to remove animations in windows 11

Once the animation toggle has been deactivated, we will be able to close the Settings window and enjoy a faster user experience with Windows 11 than before. If you want to put the animations back, just follow the steps in this guide again and enable the toggle related to animations. Know that you can also remove the new transparency effects on Windows 11, so as to maximize the experience for execution speed and performance.

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