how to fix location sharing bug

There location sharing in Google Maps it is useful for keeping track of family and friends and also offers options to customize how it works, in order to safeguard your privacy, such as the ability to set specific time limits.

At the end of last year an update of the popular Google application is apparently introduced a bug encountered by many users and related to the management of time limits of location sharing, particularly if desired keep it active for more than 24 hours.

Google Maps and location sharing issues

Well, the Mountain View giant in recent days has finally recognized this bug, confirming that he is studying it to find a solution and offering in the meantime two possible remedies for users who have found it (the reports in Net have increased in recent weeks).

The first of the remedies suggested by the Google team is to carry out age verification going here (Location sharing recipient must have a Gmail account).

In the event that the first remedy does not have solved the problem, Google recommends a second one:

  1. go to options dedicated to sharing the location
  2. activate the time limit switch on “Until you deactivate it”
  3. swipe right in the line of people’s suggestions and tap “more”
  4. at this point the address book opens with a search bar at the top where you can type a name, a telephone number or an e-mail
  5. if you know the recipient’s email and it’s a Gmail account, you can enter it here
  6. select “Share” and permanent sharing should be set up

The hope is that with the next versions of Google Maps there will also be a definitive solution to this bug.

You can download Google Maps for Android from the Play Store through the following badge:

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