How to enable the dark theme on Windows 11: the guide

The arrival of Windows 11 has brought numerous changes compared to the previous version of the operating system Microsoft. Some of them immediately catch the eye, such as moving the Start menu from left to center. Others, on the other hand, remain more hidden, but they are there. This is the case with the customization of the theme, which is now much more effective than in previous years.

As was the case in the past with Windows 10, Windows 11 also integrates the dark theme, but immediately we notice a clear improvement both from the point of view of the readability of the texts and in the choice of color shades. So if before it gave the impression of being a little far-fetched addition, now there dark mode on Windows 11 it is finally an added value for the user.

Better late than anyone would ever say, as this is an option that in recent years has been highly regarded by both individual users and major tech companies (see Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.). On the other hand, the benefits are many, first of all the reduction of eye fatigue and better readability in low light conditions (but there are also cons, as we have reported to you in unsuspecting times).

In this article we explain to you how to enable dark theme on windows 11showing the complete procedure step-by-step.

How to enable dark theme on Windows 11 via Colors

By default, the Windows 11 installation expects the light theme to be enabled. Fortunately, however, Microsoft’s new operating system allows you to activate dark mode in a few simple steps.

Here is the walkthrough for put the dark theme on Windows 11 via the Colors tab:

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Select the app Settings.
  3. You choose Personalization from the left side menu.
  4. Click on the tab Colors.
  5. Find the section Choose the modethen click on the drop-down menu next to it and select the item Dark.

Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11 via Colors

After a few seconds the operating system will enable the dark theme as you requested. The change will affect the main areas of Windows: from the Start menu to the notification center, from the taskbar to the Search function and to the Microsoft Edge browser.

Note: if you want, you can skip the first two steps by calling the Personalization tab directly from the desktop. In fact, it is sufficient to right-click anywhere on the screen and select the Customize item from the menu that opens.

It also appears among the options available in the menu next to Choose mode Personalized. This is an option dedicated to more advanced users, or rather demanding ones, who want to have total control over the appearance of the operating system. By choosing the Custom option you can for example decide to set the dark mode for the Windows 11 taskbar, and instead leave the default light mode for the File Explorer, Mail and Microsoft Store apps, all three present by default in the new bar. Windows 11 apps.

How to enable dark theme on Windows 11 via Themes

Another way to activate dark mode on Windows 11 is to change the default theme via the Themes tab included in the Personalization menu. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Click on the app Settings.
  3. Select Personalization from the left side menu.
  4. From the card Current theme choose from the eight predefined themes available the one that best suits your needs (see Dark Windows, Glow and Captured Motion).

Enable Dark Mode on Windows 11 via Themes

Wait a few seconds, just the time to allow the operating system to incorporate the customizations, and enjoy the new dark theme. Nothing easier, right?

To have a wider choice, in addition to the predefined ones, also consider the other themes in the Microsoft Store. First go back to the tab Theme (follow the steps above), then locate the option Download more themes from the Microsoft Store and press the button Browse themes. Immediately after, the Microsoft Store page will open where there are other official themes dedicated to the new Windows 11 operating system.

Most of the themes are free, but there is no lack of paid solutions. If you want to get a complete overview of free themes only, select Filters at the top right, then click the filter Most popular and select Top free from the drop-down menu that opens. To activate the new theme, simply click on the desired box and, in the new screen, press the button Get. Wait a few seconds for the download to complete, then click You open. The system will redirect you back to the card Themesfrom where you will be able to select the theme you just downloaded which now appears in the list of default Windows 11 themes.

How to enable high contrast themes on Windows 11

The activation of dark mode on Windows 11 does not automatically apply to all the apps present in the operating system, nor to the pages of the sites that are consulted through the proprietary Edge browser or an alternative one (for example Google Chrome). If you deem it necessary, the new Windows operating system offers the ability to enable high-contrast themes, an option that allows you to have high-contrast colors in every document to make it easier to read from the computer.

Here are the steps to follow for enable high contrast themes on Windows 11:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Select the app Settings.
  3. Click on the entry Accessibility from the left side menu.
  4. Under the header Vision locate and click the card Contrasting themes.
  5. Next to the section Contrasting themes click on the drop-down menu and select one of the available themes among Aquatic, Dusk And Night sky.
  6. Press the button Apply to adopt the latest changes.

Enable contrast themes on Windows 11

After a few moments, a blue screen will appear with the message Wait for: This is the signal that the operating system is changing the default settings to complete the activation of the high contrast themes. When finished, the change will affect every component of the operating system.

Note: dark mode and contrasting themes are two different concepts. As mentioned above, contrast themes allow you to increase the color contrast of a text or an interface, thus making it easier for visually impaired users to read the PC screen.

If after activating the high-contrast themes you want to go back to the simple dark mode, go back to the Accessibility menu via the Settings app (see instructions above), select the Contrast themes tab, then press the drop-down menu included in the Themes section. contrast and select None.

And with that it really is all. We hope to have helped you to enable the dark theme on Windows 11 and to know the other options related to the dark mode of Microsoft’s operating system.

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