How to change default GPU on Windows 11

It is not so rare now to find PCs or notebooks with dedicated graphics cards that improve performance on special occasions, for example in games and video editing. Using Windows 11, know that it is very simple switch between graphics cards based on what we are doing.

This feature can be adjusted to your preferences by forcing an app or game to use the dedicated graphics card rather than the stock one. For all the details on how to change the default GPU on Windows 11, follow us in the paragraphs below.

Change the default GPU on Windows 11 for specific games and apps

There are cases where we would like to have the dedicated GPU as the main rather than the integrated one. So here’s how to change the default GPU on Windows 11 for certain games and apps:

  • Click the button Start and go on Settings and select System;
  • In the right pane click on the option Screen;
  • Scroll down to the option Graphics;
  • Now a list will open with all the games and apps installed; just select the one you are interested in and click on Options;
  • At this point the graphic preferences prompt will open and then choose between Energy saving or High performance. The first will allow you to have greater autonomy at the expense of power, while the second will allow you to enjoy the maximum performance offered by the dedicated GPU at the expense of autonomy. To you the choice.

how to switch gpu on windows 11 for games and apps

So it’s child’s play to set the default GPU on Windows 11 for certain apps or games. Did you already know this approach? What kind of configuration do you use on your pc? Let us know with a comment.

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