How does Change with Galaxy work? Let’s try the Trade In Samsung

As you probably know Samsung provides a service of Trade In which allows you to send your “old” Android smartphone after purchasing a new one. It recently took the name of “Change with Galaxy”And these days it allows you to buy Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 +, Galaxy S22 Ultra or several other recent models. The writer has tried it firsthand with Galaxy S21: here’s how the experience went and some advice (also for Samsung …).

Samsung’s Trade In is called Change with Galaxy: how it works

Change with Galaxy” or “Trade In”Does not change, the substance is always the same: you can send your old smartphone after purchasing the new model of the moment, in order to obtain a refund on the current account and face a much lower total expense (if all goes well).

Personally I have tried the service in the last few months after purchasing Samsung Galaxy S21, but the operation is very similar for all the initiatives currently active, which concern the Samsung Galaxy S22 series (purchase link), Galaxy S21 and S21 FE (purchase link), Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (purchase link), Z Flip3 5G (purchase link) and Galaxy Tab S8 (purchase link) (and not only, if you buy directly on the Samsung Shop).

In simple terms, this is the procedure:

  1. purchase one of the smartphones among the compatible models by the date indicated in the regulation (10 March 2022 for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, unless extended) at the participating points of sale or the online stores indicated in Annex A of the regulation (which include, among others Amazon, all the main electronics chains and the TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE online stores)
  2. register your purchase on the Samsung Members website (by 31 March 2022 for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series taken as an example)
  3. book the collection of used items (which takes place by courier), prepare the smartphone following the instructions sent by e-mail and send it
  4. wait for a reply from Mondo Affari (which takes care of the evaluation) and, in the event of a positive outcome, you will receive the amount due on the current account indicated within 45 days of withdrawal

By joining through the Samsung Shop there is a difference: compared to the “external” purchase you can in fact count on an immediate discount of 100 euros (the rest will arrive by bank transfer after the evaluation, as described above).

Experience with Samsung’s Change with Galaxy

After describing how Change with Galaxy works, it’s time to tell you about the first-hand experience with thebuying a Samsung Galaxy S21 during the month of December 2021. I must admit: while trusting in the goodness of the initiative conceived by a giant like Samsung, I was at first a bit skeptical given the amount of complaints that can be found scattered around the Net and the fact that the manufacturer relies on an external company (Mondo Affari).

My old man Samsung Galaxy S9 + it still worked great, but I had decided to “upgrade” by taking advantage of the Trade In promotion in question combined with the one that included a free Galaxy Chromebook. Doing the math and discovering one maximum rating for the old model of ben 330 euros, it was on paper an offer not to be missed: in practice it turned out to be like this? Read on to find out.

How the evaluation of the old smartphone works

Before continuing, I need to explain to you how evaluation works of the device sent. The table you find on the initiative website lists the maximum rating for the individual models, but it might not take much to make it drop significantly. The maximum value for Galaxy S9 + 64 GB, Category A, corresponded to 330 euros, but scratches a little deeper than “normal wear” would be enough to make it go down to 220 euros (Category B); in the case of obvious signs of wear, cracks, defects on the display or some damage too much, it even drops to 5 euros, a value for which it would undoubtedly be worth having it sent back to you (at no cost, it should be emphasized).

Generally speaking, the most interesting evaluations are always made to Samsung devices, even if you can return many models (AppleHuawei, Xiaomi, LG, HONOR, Motorola, OnePlus and so on).

Some headaches with proof of purchase

After sending the documentation for the receipt of the aforementioned Chromebook for free (it was this promotion), practically the same request from the Change with Galaxy initiative, and having received a positive response at the first try (it took a few days given the amount of requests received by Samsung during the Christmas period), I decided to send the same documents, sure to see them accepted without problems (it is also necessary to download a form for the sale of used items, to be signed, scanned and sent back).

It didn’t happen that way thoughand here the manufacturer needs to improve a bit: Samsung had asked (and continues to do so in this type of promotions) the photo of the new smartphone with visibly open box and readable IMEI (and here everything is fine) and the proof of purchase (photo, scan or even PDF), which in my case corresponded to the order confirmation from the TIM website (as specified in the regulation for online purchases).

After a first surprising refusalthe assistance easily contacted via chat (the wait is not very short in moments of “full”) asked me to re-send the same documentation, making sure that everything was okay and that this time it would pass (strange request in effects …): a bit perplexed, I decided to follow the advice anyway, to see myself refused again proof of purchase.

Determined to see clearly, given that the third would be the last chance (after three unsuccessful attempts the request is rejected and you are screwed), I decided to contact the assistance again before proceeding (a few hours of waiting for the live chat, but you can also choose to be called back on the phone). I was therefore forced to send the same proof of purchase a third time. This time I decided to send the complete PDF of everyone the data, even those not requested: the first two times I had sent only the first part, which actually contained ALL the data required by the regulation (i.e. date of purchase, model purchased and name of the shop), but so be it.

Preparation of the package and collection of the courier

The third attempt was the good one and the positive confirmation for sending the old smartphone finally arrived via e-mail. By clicking on the appropriate link I booked the collection for the following Monday (just a few days of waiting) with SDA courier and followed all the advice given by Samsung for preparing the package (you need to print the waybill and apply it to the outside of the package with tape).

IMPORTANT: The smartphone must not only be formatted with the factory reset, but also disassociated from Google account: to do this you have to open the Google app, press on “Manage your Google Account“, Scroll to the”Security> Your devices> Manage devices”And remove it.

Another important detail: Samsung claims everything it was included in the sales package of the old smartphone, including charger, cable and any headphones and adapters (as in my case). This sounds a bit like a “joke”, as the new Galaxy S21 had practically nothing in the box, except for the USB Type-C cable.

Timing and final outcome

The timing: the request was approved on February 14, 2022, the withdrawal confirmed by me on the 16th through the appropriate link and set for the 21st of the same month by courier. Just a few days to arrive in Pompeii, the headquarters of Mondo Affari: the positive evaluation arrived on March 2, 2022, and the outcome was the one hoped for (Category A). The transfer of 330 euros will arrive within 45 days from the day of collection of the used car.

I would like to point out that the smartphone was not in conditions perfect, as you can see in the images below: it has been used (especially in recent times) for some time without cover and without film and therefore has been sent with a few scratches here and there (screen, rear photographic module and rear fingerprint sensor ), but without defects of any kind to the battery (normal wear apart), to the display (no visible burn-in) and to the USB Type-C port (oxidation or other). Reading the experiences of other users on the Samsung Members community, I was almost expecting the “worst”, while at least trusting in Category B: will I have been unlucky or have others “exaggerated” in complaints? Who knows, maybe a little of one and a little of the other.

It will be obvious to underline it, but obviously Samsung was not aware of the desire to describe everything with this article: no kind of favoritism therefore, and the difficulties experienced confirm it.

Final conclusions, between satisfaction and perplexity

The final verdict for Samsung’s Change with Galaxy can only be positive in my experience. My new Galaxy S21 was bought in promotion for 390 euros, and the old Galaxy S9 + was valued at 330 euros. The total cost was therefore only 60 euros, plus the addition of the Galaxy Chromebook Go for free (which by the way arrived in just 10 days from approval, despite the maximum times being much higher and equal to 180 days) .

Certainly, as you have seen, not everything went right away with the Trade In and the procedure took some time (and “effort”), but I would say that in the end it was definitely worth it. In my opinion Samsung should improve in the consistency of the decisions taken by the various operators who go to evaluate the correct insertion of the documentation: given the same proof of purchase provided, it is not nice to see them accepted in some cases and not in others.

The behavior of Mondo Affari is also good, which in my case honestly evaluated the old smartphone: my fear was that they could appeal to any defect or scratch to bring down the final evaluation considerably. After all, it is difficult for a used one to be in like new condition.

Change with Galaxy promoted therefore, even if the service could be simplified a little and improved in the aspects described above. For users who are not very “expert” it could in fact be a bit complicated to be able to satisfy all the requirements of the regulation, which must be read and respected to the letter if you do not want problems.

It remains to understand what would have happened if I had lost or broken some accessory, even a small one, such as the micro-USB Type-C adapter (which I used for the power bank): would the rating have dropped? And how much? They could also have refused the evaluation, given that the regulation says that the device must “be accompanied by the original equipment present in the box at the time of purchase, such as USB cable, charger, power supply and earphones etc.”Even in the part dedicated to Category C (the 5 euro one in my case).

Have you ever had anything to do with Samsung’s Trade In? Tell us your experience, positive or negative, and possibly your doubts in the usual box below. If you want to know more about the Change with Galaxy initiative and consult the complete rules, you can follow the link below:

Change with Galaxy

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