Holly and Benji return to Android with Captain Tsubasa ZERO Miracle Shot

Captain Tsubasa ZERO Miracle Shot is a strategy game with RPG elements based on the new animated football series by Captain Tsubasa (Holly and Benji) with games featuring special moves taken directly from the anime.

The game includes the historical characters of the anime that are faithfully reproduced and can be developed up to the highest rarity level, it is also possible to modify the squads and uniforms, create powerful combos and take advantage of different techniques to turn the tide of the match.

The matches are automated like in a managerial game and require you to press the button every now and then to activate the most appropriate tactics or special moves. Most of the gameplay is reserved for team management by empowering players with various skill cards.

The game includes all the main characters including their special moves, with voices from the same voice actors from the Japanese anime, plus there are numerous original characters created specifically for the game.

The title faithfully recreates the atmosphere and settings of the anime with various secondary plots not present in the main story.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO Miracle Shot is available for Android free of charge supported by optional in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access phone, device ID and call data, Wi-Fi connection information, photos, media and files.

Below you will find the badge to find the game in Play Store from Google. Android 4.4 or later is sufficient for installation.

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