HMD admits problems in releasing Android 11 for Nokia phones

One of the main strengths of smartphones Nokia from HMD it was their timely speed with which they received a new software version. In fact, the company has always been very quick in releasing the various updates to its devices, even if the situation has changed radically with the arrival of Android 11. The penultimate version of the green robot marked several delays in distribution.

HMD promises improvements and announces Android 12 for Nokia X20

AndroidAuthority asked HMD if the cause of the problem was the too large number of phones it would have to update and Stephan Taylor, CMO of HMD, answered for the company. The executive also added that, in addition to the large portfolio of devices, not having taken part of the beta program of Android 11 also slowed down a lot. Here are his words:

“I think your observation is correct, to be honest. We haven’t had much success with the launch of Android 11 (sic), and I think we’ve learned from that. But I think as we move forward, certainly in the global perspective we are focused on a more targeted level of devices and furthermore we are already in the beta program with Android 12. So yeah, I’m a little dishonored with how we behaved with Android 11, but I think that we will return to the front line “

In addition, Taylor takes the opportunity to confirm the roll out of the stable version of Android 12 for Nokia X20 as proof of the company’s renewed commitment in this sense.

We hope that HMD can keep faith with his words and be back as fast as it used to be. Do you own a company smartphone? What do you think of the update management? Please let us know with a comment using the box below.

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