here’s how to reduce gas imports from Russia

A’Selectra investigation highlighted how lowering the temperature by 3 ° C in homes, offices and shops during the winter is possible reduce dependence on gas imports from Russia. The latest data, updated to 2020, confirm that Russia has supplied over 43% of the natural gas imported from Italy, characterizing itself as the first supplier ahead of Algeria (with 22.8%) and Norway (with 11 , 1%).

Selectra shows the way to reduce dependence on gas imported from Russia

Selectra’s investigation of ways to reduce dependence on imported gas from Russia highlights the way forward for the future. Currently, in Italy, there is an average temperature between 21 ° C and 22.5 ° C during the cold months of the year inside homes, shops and offices. This temperature is reached, in many cases, by resorting to heating systems that use gas imported from Russia.

Lowering this temperature down to an interval of 18-19.5 ° Caccording to the data of Selectra, it is possible fare less than 16.5% of Russian gas imports. This figure takes into account both the reduction in consumption for homes and for the tertiary sector. By adjusting the heating thermostat differently, therefore, it is possible to achieve greater independence from the gas imported from Russia.

To compensate for this reduction in temperatures, it would be enough to wear an extra sweater or a heavy sweater. The reduction in temperature, in fact, would be limited. This choice would also bring an ecological benefit with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 61.9 million tons per year.

Selectra’s comment

Antoine Arel, co-founder of Selectra points out: “Lowering the temperature by 3 ° C would undoubtedly cause little discomfort for the entire European population and would require coordination that is difficult to achieve on a continental scale. But basically, the message is simple and clear: everyone can do their part, starting with wearing an extra sweater “.

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